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They gravitated toward oral debates, republicanism, and armed insurrection.

What print media existed within Greece was considered either biased or anti-royalist.

Prince William adopted the reigning name of George I, and a new constitution was written with power invested in the Greek people, a single-legislative chamber, and a monarch with specific but substantial powers.

Political personalities and political clubs came to characterize Greece in the late nineteenth century.

From 1865 to 1875, Greece witnessed a succession of seven general elections and 18 different administrations.

Greek politician Kharilaos Trikoupis wrote a newspaper article about the political gridlock within Greece's national governments and criticized the king for supporting governments representing minority political groups rather than the larger parties, which dominated the Greek Parliament.

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The Greek people did not always fight back with print media.

World War I and King Constantine's attempt to keep Greece neutral led to political rivalry between the palace and Eleutherios Venizelos, one of Greece's most influential politicians of the twentieth century.

The dispute over national policy led Venizelos to claim that King Constantine was pro-German and disrespected the wishes of the Greek people to join the Allies against the Central Powers.

The monarchy remained under a figurehead king, Alexander I, a son of King Constantine.

Royalists and republicans expressed their opposition to each other and polarized the Greek state.

Ancient Greece represents the birthplace of democracy in the history of western civilization.

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