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This DYK STATS/Archive 2011 page is an archive of the monthly DYKSTATS leaders for each month in 2011, recognizing the DYK entries that have received the most page views while being featured on DYK. Lee (1882), the Supreme Court held that a jury had properly ordered that the U. government return Arlington National Cemetery to the heir of Confederate General Robert E. ..a two-mass-skate bicycle has demonstrated self-stability even though it has minimal gyroscopic effects and does not have positive trail, two features most commonly associated with bike stability? that after plans for the Douglas 2229 SST left no room for fuel other than in the fuselage, a designer sketched a cartoon with diving suit-clad passengers immersed in fuel, under "No Smoking" signs? that Shoot to Kill (1990) had to be made as a drama documentary because many of its subjects had either been shot by the RUC, given new identities, or forbidden to talk by the Official Secrets Act?

On an important note: Please do not see this list as a competition, but rather a celebration of some of the most effective DYK hooks. that USAF General Vogt "shut down the war" and sent 119 aircraft to recover Major Roger Locher (pictured) only 60 miles (97 km) from Hanoi—the deepest rescue inside North Vietnam during the Vietnam War? that although the Vought XSO2U (pictured) was judged superior to the Curtiss XSO3C by the U. Navy in a competition for a new scout aircraft for operation from cruisers, the Curtiss aircraft won the contract? that a photograph of Private John Hines with the German money and equipment he had looted during the Battle of Polygon Wood in 1917 (pictured) is one of the best known Australian images of World War I? that Kamo (pictured) stole 341,000 rubles, was caught, feigned insanity for over three years, partly by eating his own excrement, escaped, was recaptured and sentenced to death, but was freed after a revolution? that Comedy Central's South Park was the "number one influence" for the humor in the adult video game Bonetown, a game which encourages the player to have sex with as many women in-game as possible? that Luke Matheny, whose hair was described as "a vast black bouffant that makes him look like an untidy microphone", began his Academy Award acceptance speech by joking, "I should've gotten a haircut"? that award-winning poet and Cardiff resident Ivy Alvarez (pictured) was born in the Philippines, grew up in Tasmania, has worked in Scotland, Ireland, and Spain, and had her first book published in the US? that Fred Rehor (pictured), a 256-pound pharmacy student from the University of Michigan, helped lead the 1917 Massillon Tigers to the "world's professional football championship" against Jim Thorpe's Canton Bulldogs? that a young Lernaeocera branchialis is an ectoparasitic crustacean on the gills of a flounder or lumpsucker, and it moves on to cod or related fishes after it has matured and mated (infested gills of a whiting pictured)? ..in response to Jalen Rose's comments in The Fab Five, which has become the highest-rated ESPN documentary, Grant Hill's response was shared by nearly 100,000 people on Facebook in the next few days? that "That Dress", worn by Elizabeth Hurley at the premiere of Four Weddings and a Funeral in 1994, has been voted the greatest red carpet dress of all time and is perhaps Gianni Versace's best-known creation? that the many examples of extinct 48-million year old bat genus Palaeochiropteryx (life restoration pictured) found in the Messel lake may have drowned after being rendered unconscious in flight by poisonous volcanic gases? that, while in Sudan, the late Osama bin Laden (pictured) lived in a pink stucco and brick house in Khartoum, and often weekended with his family in a one-storey mud house overlooking the Blue Nile in Soba? that during a 1762 British siege of the Fortress of the Immaculate Conception (pictured) in El Castillo village within El Castillo municipality, Nicaragua, Rafaela Herrera inspired the outnumbered Spanish defenders to victory? that the discovery of the fossil giant ant Titanomyrma (pictured with a hummingbird) in Wyoming indicates that warmth-loving fauna spread through the north between Europe and America during hot spells in the Eocene? that Keith Thiele (pictured), whose daring motorcycle escape during WWII has been compared to Steve Mc Queen's in The Great Escape, is one of only four New Zealanders to be awarded the DFC and two bars? that German destroyer Z13 Erich Koellner visibly tilted when hit by the 15-inch (380 mm) semi-armor piercing shells fired by the battleship HMS Warspite during the Second Battle of Narvik on 13 April 1940? Cronan (pictured), once described as "the most popular man in the Navy", lost two fingers when he shoved his hand in a breechblock to prevent a potentially deadly explosion? that after the science fiction anthology Machine of Death reached No. William Thompson won his 1871 shootout with a rival newspaper editor despite sustaining severe gunshot wounds, including a bullet lodged behind his eye, and a beating from a cane? that during his career, Chrisye released albums that sold like "chicken shit", were recorded with studio executives locked out, raised controversy for being "against Asian mores", went double platinum on his birthday, and had to be recalled to replace the cover design?

that the wildlife of the Falkland Islands includes no native terrestrial reptiles, amphibians, or even trees, and that the only native terrestrial mammal, the warrah (pictured), became extinct in the mid-19th century? that Cubs' pitcher Carl Lundgren (pictured) had "speed to burn green hickory and an assortment of curves that would keep a cryptograph specialist figuring all night but he was wild as a March hare in a cyclone"? Medal of Honor today, marking only the second time that the award has been bestowed upon a living soldier for actions after the end of the Vietnam War? that Joseph Stalin expelled an American Navy captain from Moscow after learning he had fathered a "love child" with a well-known Soviet film actress, who was then banished to Siberia for eight years? that according to an account by a British officer, the marksmanship of Kentucky rifleman Ephraim Mc Lean Brank (pictured) contributed more than anything else to the US victory at the Battle of New Orleans? that the construction of One Liberty Place was in breach of a "gentlemen's agreement" not to build any building taller than the statue of William Penn on Philadelphia City Hall (both buildings pictured)? that when Jeff Mellinger, the last active-duty draftee in the U. Army from the Vietnam War era, received his draft papers, he thought that they were written to him by then-President Richard Nixon? that The Last Ringbearer, an English translation of a Russian alternative retelling of Lord of the Rings, has been published as a non-commercial ebook after a 10-year delay due to fears of litigation? that despite winning seven national championships from 1899 to 1912, the Yale football team had 14 head coaches in those 14 years, including a lingerie manufacturer, "the phantom line cleaver", a manufacturer of machine guns, a victim of typhoid fever, a Harvard law student, the senior partner of Smith Barney & Co., the grandfather of a noted documentary filmmaker, the nephew of the U. Secretary of State, and the president of a historically black university? that, in 1933, when attempts were made to restore the monarchy in Bavaria to stall the Nazis' rise to power, Adolf Hitler warned the Bavarian government that this would lead to a "terrible catastrophe"? that Benjamin West's painting of General Johnson Saving a Wounded French Officer from the Tomahawk of a North American Indian (pictured) contrasts against Sir William Johnson's "White Savage" reputation? that although the 3rd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment halted the advancing Chinese 117th Division during the Battle of Pakchon (fragment pictured), the commander was later relieved of his position? that after killing a man in a duel over dogs, Captain James Macnamara asked naval officers including Viscounts Hood and Nelson, Lord Hotham, Sir Hyde Parker and Sir Thomas Troubridge, to testify on his behalf? that of more than 300 trolleybus systems currently serving cities worldwide, the 1914-opened trolleybus system in Shanghai is the oldest, and its counterpart in Philadelphia (pictured) the second-oldest?

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